Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Upcoming "Christmas Card Buffets"...New location!

2014 Christmas card-making "Buffets" held at the Springdale Recreation Center

Would you like to make your own beautiful Christmas cards?
Do you have limited time, space, money or creativity?

Then my “Card-making Buffets” are the perfect solution for you!
Just bring your own glue or preferred adhesive.  That’s it! 
·         Card-kits, stamps, ink, tools and all supplies are provided
·         Most difficult and time-consuming steps are pre-completed
·         Choose which cards YOU want to make
·         Buffet “Menu” selection of 10 beautiful cards available
·         Work at your own pace ~ 2½ hour sessions (Adults only) 
·         Cost is only $25 per person to make 8 beautiful cards 
·         May make more cards (within 2½ hour session)

Buffet Dates: November 6  and  December 4
Morning sessions: 10:00 am – 12:30 pm
Evening sessions:   5:30 pm –  8:00 pm

Register today by calling the Center at: (513) 346-3910 
(Buffets are now held at the Springdale Recreation Center, Cincinnati OH) 

For more information, contact Micki Daniel

(Above sample not part of 2014 buffet)
(Above sample not part of 2014 buffet)

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