Saturday, November 12, 2011

What is a "Card Buffet"?...

You've probably attended buffets before…like Golden Corral…mainly because we can select from a “menu” that contains a wide variety of items, and where each person can choose what they want and how much of each item…and everything is prepared and ready to eat when we arrive.  We enjoy a great ‘home style’ meal, with a wide variety of choices…and all for one basic price!
Buffets are especially great when we are limited in our time and energy…they save us from having to do the shopping, storing, prepping and all the clean-up afterwards!

Based on these concepts, I now offer "Card Buffets" that include "Card Menus".
"Card Buffet Menu" by Micki  (sample only)

Christmas Buffet card- by Micki Daniel  ©Stampin'Up!

Here are the BASICS of my "CARD BUFFET"...

o        Just bring your own Snail Adhesive.  That’s it!
o        Come and leave when you want.  (within the 3 hr. session)
o        Work at your own pace.

o        12 beautiful cards to choose from on every “Buffet Menu”
o        Card Kits are in a shoebox of matching # and ready to assemble

o       All difficult or time consuming steps are pre completed this is for both 'first timers' as well as experienced.  

o       Cost is only $18 a person for 8 beautiful cards. (minimum)
o       You may make more than 8 cards (add’l cards only 2.25 ea.)  
o       Only limit is the 3 hour time frame.

The final "Card Buffet" sessions (for 2011) will be held on:
Thursday  evening     5:30 -  8:30      October      13   closed
Saturday  morning     9:30 -12:30      October      15   closed
Thursday  evening     5:30  - 8:30     *November  10   closed
Saturday  morning     9:30 -12:30     *November  12   closed
Tuesday  morning      9:30 -12:30     *November  15   closed
Tuesday  evening       5:30 -  8:30     *November  15   closed
Tuesday  morning      9:30 -12:30     *December    5   closed

Next "Buffet" session will be in me for date and times.

I am really excited about offering this opportunity, due to the fact that it offers lots of choices and something for everyone...all without having to buy or store a lot of tools or supplies.
It's easy, fast and fun, and you end up with beautiful handmade cards,you've made yourself!

Each session does have limited seating, so don't miss out!
Click Here to R.S.V.P
     * Menu will be ALL Christmas cards.
      Have a great day! - Micki

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