Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I've been "AWOL"...

That's right...I've been 'AWOL'..and I thought you might like to see some graphic photos of the consequences!

It's true...I've been "Aggressively Working On Labeling"...all the stamp sets in my craft room!
(Thanks to Jill Olsen, for sharing her video and the labeling format she uses..I finally decided to tackle this overwhelming task.) 

Although Jill shared the label information for 2010-2011 sets...many of my stamps were older"retired".
(They are 'retired' from demonstrating them at workshops, because they can no longer be ordered thru SU.)
I still use all my stamps for making cards, crafts, etc..which I sell at craft shows and other outlets.  

Before I could type each label, I had to 'look-up' the details for every set, by going through many, many catalogs! 
But now, the labels are a great resource of information...right at my fingertips!
(See the close-up photo showing what information the labels actually list.)

With the large,  black-on-white, color-coded, BOLD labels, I can now find a stamp set at a glance!  And since I'm a "visual" person and need to "see" it...that's how I've setup my craft room and work stations.  I also keep retired sets separate from current sets, for class and workshop purposes.

Now, it's so much easier, and saves TONS of searching, every time I design and create a card, plan a class, clean/replace stamps...and especially in planning my  brand new "Card Buffets" ...coming soon!
(Contact me for details or to register for my Card Buffets.)     

So...lets go check out my "AWOL" consequences....

Close up of labels:
["retired", "Sale-A-Bration" sets, "Elements" color-coded category] 

"retired stamps"  work station


"Current stamps"  work station


So...are you ready to go "AWOL"...and reap the consequences?   You'll be glad you did!

Keep stamping!


angelswhostamp said...

that was an impressive photo and impressive effort on your part! Give yourself a pat on the back girl!

Penny Hanuszak said...

Wow Mickie great labelling. I never thought to put all that information on mine. Really good for referenc especially when typing blog posts and your memory is foggy, like mine. LOL! TFS.

Dale Morin said...

Just fabulous! Would you like to come do mine???? Only kidding.

Debbie Martin said...

Wow, I'm impressed!

Andrea Gideon said...

Micki- I can really appreciate all that had work. I have been thinking of doing something similar. Thanks for the inspiration