Friday, September 23, 2011

Don't retire it... Reanimate it.!

Remember when you first got it?  You were so excited!  It was absolutely beautiful.  Very useful.  Filled a vital need.  But, before you could hardly turn around and say "Rumpelstiltskin"... it was past it's prime...outdated and replaced by a new and more popular one.  It's now just a "fond memory"...and every time you think of it, you feel guilty!  You feel bad when you have thoughts about getting rid of it for good...but it has outlived it's usefulness!

...OR HAS IT?   (No...I'm not referring to your last pair of new shoes!)

I'm talking about your past "SAMPLERS" ...DSP and Ribbon Samplers from Stampin' Up!
You know...the ones you stuck in the bottom drawer or 'junk box'...on the back of the bottom shelf, in the garage?

O.K...Don't admit where you put it.   Just go get it.   
Because you are going to "reanimate" it. 

Don't know what "reanimate" means?  Well, I didn't either until my wonderful 'upline' Lydia, started "Project Reanimate".  (I had to go look it up in the you'll just have to do the same thing.) lol

That little old, out-dated and neglected sampler is going to get you all excited, all over again and this is WHY...

Retired DSP Sampler  ©Stampin'Up!
Make two 3x3 'Sampler' cards from one page. ©Stampin'Up!

First card from a DSP Sampler page - by Micki Daniel  ©Stampin'Up!

  Second card from same DSP Sampler page - by Micki Daniel  ©Stampin'Up!

I used the 2-1/2" circle punch and the 'Itty Bitty' punch to get:
one large circle, 10 flowers and 1 strip...all from the same 3x3 sample.
I used both sides of the dsp, to get the two looks.
These were glued to the front of a 3 x 3 textured CS base. (match dsp color...or use white or neutral cs)
I added tiny pearls to center of each flower and punched a 2-1/2" whisper white circle for the inside greeting.

Now...just THINK of how many different sheets are in just one retired 'Sampler'...
(I said you'd get excited, but lets not hyperventilate over it ...unless you threw away your 'sampler'.) 

Enjoy your reunion while you "reanimate"...and keep stamping! - Micki


Penny Hanuszak said...

Too funny and too true! This isn't junk and can do this and much more. I love your little cards. Just perfect for thank you notes or thinking of you's! Thanks Micki for the great tip!

I've already re"purposed" some of mine this season by covering pressboard letters and it worked wonderfully. Just glue it to the pressboard, layer onto appropriate letter in Serif's Alphabet Big Shot dies, run through the machine and away you go. Wait until you see my Thanksgiving Day Accordion display featuring some of those letters.

Yolanda said...

Awesome idea! Thanks for sharing!

Shari Winterstein said...

Great ideas Micki. Thanks for blessing my day. ;)

Shirley Pumpkin said...

Great Idea!


Debbie Martin said...

I have been using up retired DSP like this and have been thinking of using the samples too, thanks for the great idea and samples.

Lydia said...

Micki this is BRILLIANT!!!! WOW - I need to find mine! :D

Thanks for the shout!


Jean Addis said...

What great, quick cards. Your idea is marvelous. I have a lot of retired DSP scraps that I can now put to good use.

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Wonderful! Love those teensy flowers, madly.