Friday, March 18, 2011

Deciding on a FREE stamp set!

I really appreciate everyone sharing their suggestions/reasons for different stamps on last week's post.

I hadn't forgotten that many of you expressed interest in knowing which Free stamp set I decided on...for winning Act 2.   I have just recently narrowed my choice down to two sets!

Stamp sets recommended were: (click on each set to view)

      Jayne's Type Alphabet Set               
      Lovely Letters Alphabet Set
      Defining Alphabet Set                        
  *  Define your Life
  #  Word Play                                      
  * Teeny Tiny Wishes
  *  Fifth Avenue Floral                         
  * Curvy Verses
  # Snow Swirled                                    
     Any Alphabet Set

Since I already have the sets marked with an asterisk* ...and I didn't want to get a set I could earn as  free product, on an order...sets marked with # ...I was left with all Alphabet stamps from which to choose.

Since I don't have any alphabet sets...just Timeless Type Dies...I narrowed my choice down to TWO sets:

Defining Alphabet  or  Lovely Letters Alphabet  ...but I still can't make up my mind!   lol

I really like 'Lovely Letters' would make such beautiful Monograms......but 'Defining' has both upper and lower case letters...and  it matches the 'Define your Life' stamp set I already have. 

So, once again...I'd like your help!

If you have a recommendation...or a card or project  made with either alphabet set...please leave a comment and/or a link to your blog and project.   I'll check them out.

Thanks for your input! - Micki

P.S. This post updated: June 2011......The wining stamp set was.....Lovely Letters Alphabet!  (click to see set)


Dale Morin said...

Here is my opinion for what it is worth. I would take Lovely Letters. I really like that set and as you said it makes wonderful monograms. Looks great on a scrapbook page. My problem with defining alphabet is that the Aa are together on the block so you would always have to use the marker to stamp just one of them. Where would you ever use both the upper and lower case together? JMHO I am sure you will enjoy which ever set you choose.

Anne Marie said...

Both are great choices butI am partial to the Defining Alphabet. I realy like the fact that it is both upper and lower case and the font is so clasic and clean. I wish I had a project to share, sorry! Good luck deciding! :)

Debbie Martin said...

First let me say thanks for the nice comment on my blog. Wanted to write to you but couldn't find your email on your blog or on your Blogger Profile. I love lovely letters. I make a lot of tiles in my classes and have used this set as well as the defining alpha(which I cut the lower and upper cases apart and found to be much more useful). But for use on making cards in classes and workshops I always go to teeny tiny wishes as my go to set because they can be used with the word window and modern label punches. Hope this helps.

Holly/Rubber Redneck said...

lol well both are good sets :) lot help huh?

María said...

Lovely Letters.

Patti said...

I have wanted Lovely Letters for since it first came out in the big catty. I recently won blog candy and that was the stamp set I chose. So that would be my choice. I, too, think it would be great for monograms.

angelswhostamp said...

Sorry, I have neither of those alphabets so I'll wait to see what you choose to create with :-) (be sure to post your creation - we'll be waiting!)

Beth Fesperman said...

I love the lovely letters stamp set...great for monogramming...following you now

Diana said...

I would go with Defining Alphabet, personally. Following thru SC. TFS and God Bless.

Diana #147